ON THE WRONG PATH. Breakdowns, assaults, crooked cops, floods and other things which should never happen while overlanding Africa.

Extreme Overland Adventures. On the Wrong Path is the journey experienced as an absolute adventure. There are Kalashnikov assaults in Kenya, engine breakdowns in the Sudanese Sahara, lost tribes in Ethiopia, too close wild animal encounters, unexpected floods, remote police stations, illegal border crossings, and countless surprises and struggles in the heart of Africa. Far away, where you should never have engine troubles.

‘A trip becomes an adventure when you run towards it without being prepared for everything that can happen. It usually starts with an innuendo, a few words between two sips of beer, a scrap of paper that falls from memory files, or a carefree and vague suggestion picked up on the fly by some thoughtless friend passing by.

“What if…?”

“Why not? Let’s do it.”

It is one of the most important moments of a journey: when dreams cease to be a fantasy, an absurd chimera, and become a plan. When you realize that you have an accomplice. That the adventure you had hidden away like your private porn is a shared dream. From then on you have problems. Any hint of withdrawal, any suggestion of taking a well-trodden path will label you as chicken, a city chicken.’

Pablo Rey, On the Wrong Path.

Cover of On the Wrong Path breakdowns, assaults, crooked cops, floods and other things which should never happen while overlanding Africa. Book by Pablo Rey

‘Would you like to go to Africa? You’re going to Africa. Would you like a break from your daily routine? You’re breaking your daily routine. Would you like to live the adventure of a lifetime? You’re going to live something unforgettable. I can assure you of this. Don’t say you didn’t ask for it.’

On the Wrong Path shares intimate insights of Pablo and Anna’s indoctrination to life in Africa, during the six most difficult months of their 20-year non-stop trip around the world.


On the Wrong Path is an extreme challenge where you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. This is not a novel. This is real. Lonely Planet Magazine.

It is one adventure after another. Once you start it you can’t stop. TV3 Catalonia National Television.

Get On the Wrong Path in Amazon or Kindle. ISBN 13 979-8603766140

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Pablo Rey (Buenos Aires) and Anna Callau (Barcelona) also known as #viajeros4x4x4, have been overlanding the world non stop since 2000 on a 4WD Delica van. They mastered the art of solving problems (breakdowns and police harassment, between them) in far away places, while enjoying their nomadic lifestyle.

They’ve been 3 years driving through Middle East and Africa, between Cairo and Cape Town; 7 years all around South America, and 7 years going to every corner of Central and North America. They crossed the Southern Atlantic Ocean in a fishing vessel, descended an Amazon river in a 6 log wooden raft, and walked with a swiss knife between elephants in wild Africa. On the last two years they started to travel by foot (Pyrenees mountains coast to coast, two months) and motorbike (Asia), with the smallest lugagge possible.

Pablo has written three books in Spanish (one translated in English), many articles to magazines like Overland Journal and Lonely Planet and both are in the short list of the most respected latino overlanders.

¿When will the journey end? It doesn’t end, the journey is life itself.

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