309- Get Lost | story for OUTDOORX4 MAGAZINE

‘I’d love to write about certain islands or remote places where we’ve been during the last 15 years on the road,’ I told him. ‘But I’m afraid they could get lost too. They should be protected from outsiders.’

303- La Cucaracha puts on the boots | GENERAL GRABBER AT2

With the wrong tire, the loneliest and most beautiful beach can become an insufferable sand trap, mud a dark and viscous nightmare, ice a slippery game of Russian roulette, and sharp stones akin to Freddy Krueger playing God with your future.

295- Por las Rutas del MÉXICO Narco | OVERLAND JOURNAL

Hay que romper los planes y dejar un espacio libre a la espontaneidad, a la sorpresa. Tirar los dados, que el caos encuentre un orden, y caer de pie, otra vez, como un gato viejo que ya perdió la cuenta de las veces que salvó su vida.

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