In June of 2015 we reached a new milestone: 15 years living on the road. During this journey we’ve inspired the dreams of thousands of people from all over the world, encouraging them to pursue a better life through the stories we’ve published on this website. This is our way of giving back for all the support we’ve received on the streets, roads, towns and villages, and from that great mass of anonymous friends who encourage us. ‘Keep going, you are also fulfilling my dreams’.

During the last 15 years we were against taking cash donations. We like to work, and believe in working hard, even if we do enjoy a lot of free time.

But now our 4WD van (A.K.A. La Cucaracha) is feeling smaller and getting older, like everybody’s old gramma and grandpa. And sooner or later, we will need to retire and replace her. We are not going to abandon our old house on wheels, we’ve been through so many adventures and misadventures together and that would be unfair; you don’t do that with your old pals.

If you like the story about our permanent life on the road and wish to support us, we would greatly appreciate your donation as a way of sponsoring more miles or kilometers.

10 dollars will take us 50 miles or 80 kilometers further along… or closer to the next mechanic!

Thank you for your support.

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Towards another 15 years on the road!

Pablo and Anna (and La Cucaracha)

Pablo Rey y Anna Callau

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