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Published by OutdoorX4 Magazine, Issue Nº 10, July-August 2015. Written by Frank Ledwell



For those of you who sit behind a desk every day, you can probably relate to the guy who has been working a corporate job and repeating the same routine, day in and day out. For Pablo Rey, the monotony of a successful career in advertising finally caught up with him and in a nearly impromptu decision, he left the comfort of his job and coerced his wife, Anna, to leave the material world, pack up their van, and travel the world.

Around the World in 10 Years is the story of liberation, survival, humility, and passion for the human experience. Pablo Rey expressess himself wonderfully in sharing his and Anna’s travels through areas most people would dare to go, meeting people along the way who, despite limited means, share what they have with two foreigners who often times stuck out like a sore thumb. Pablo’s sense of humor keeps the story lively and the experiences he and Anna shared while overland the world are the stuff that makes adventure travel such a worthwhile venture.

“Life is everything that happens while you’re making other plans.” John Lennon.

If you have an adventurous spirit or merely need inspiration from the daily grind, Around the World in 10 Years is definitely for you.

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libro book

Pablo Rey has written 3 books. Get Around the World in 10 Years: The Book of Independence in Amazon or Kindle. This is not a novel.
ISBN 13 978-1482769951

Follow the latest adventures of the real Pablo and Anna on Instagram Instagram, Facebook and Youtube @viajeros4x4x4

“The Book of Independence works its magic like a bellows on the embers of wanderlust, inspiring us to break away from the norm, to slow down and smell the proverbial roses… or cow or elephant dung. It’s not about what you’ll do after you retire, it’s about what you do before you die.”
Chris Collard, Chief Editor, Overland Journal Magazine


Pablo Rey (Buenos Aires) and Anna Callau (Barcelona) also known as #viajeros4x4x4, have been overlanding the world non stop since 2000 on a 4WD Delica van. They mastered the art of solving problems (breakdowns and police harassment, between them) in far away places, while enjoying their nomadic lifestyle.

They’ve been 3 years driving through Middle East and Africa, between Cairo and Cape Town; 7 years all around South America, and 7 years going to every corner of Central and North America. They crossed the Southern Atlantic Ocean in a fishing vessel, descended an Amazon river in a 6 log wooden raft, and walked with a swiss knife between elephants in wild Africa. On the last two years they started to travel by foot (Pyrenees mountains coast to coast, two months) and motorbike (Asia), with the smallest lugagge possible.

Pablo has written three books in Spanish (one translated in English), many articles to magazines like Overland Journal and Lonely Planet and both are in the short list of the most respected latino overlanders.

¿When will the journey end? It doesn’t end, the journey is life itself.

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