Damn Monkeez! | Pablo and Anna Comic Strip nº7

Damn monkeez that stole our spaghettis in Kenya! They ate them raw, one by one, while watching (and laughing) at us from the top of a tree. Here is our revenge! | Cómo se rieron de nosotros los monos que nos robaron los espaguettis en Kenia! Se los comieron crudos, uno a uno, mirándonos desde arriba de un árbol! Ay ay ay… (de otra historia real, que aparece en el libro ‘Por el Mal Camino’)

Frame 1: PABLO, DESPIERTA!!! Nos han robado!
Frame 2: Y ahora, ¿qué vamos a hacer?
Frame 3: Mira!

Frame 4: Malditos monos. Primero nos robaron los espaguetis, y anoche nos robaron las ruedas. Llama tú a la policía, no quiero ser yo el idiota que les cuente esta historia.


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On year 2000, Pablo Rey (Buenos Aires) and Anna Callau (Barcelona) quit their jobs and rented out their apartment in Spain to travel around the world during four years. Four somehow turned into fifteen. The couple, living out of their small 4WD van, a.k.a. La Cucaracha, has travelled more than 220,000 miles, passing through 60 countries, with no end in sight.

After leaving Southern Europe, these committed nomads have driven through the Middle East, Africa —from North to South, the entire American continent —from Tierra del Fuego (at the Southern tip of Patagonia) to the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, before settling in for a couple of years of discovery in North America. Getting here was no small feat. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean from South Africa to Argentina in a fishing vessel, survived elephant and Kalashnikov attacks in Africa and paddled down an Amazon river in a 6-log wooden raft. Their engine broke down in the middle of the Sudanese Sahara and froze at 15,000 feet during a very cold winter in the Bolivian Altiplano, and that’s just scratching the surface.

In 15 years they have met, shared food and stayed with some truly amazing and hospitable people. Whether in a house, hut, tent or under the stars, the take away is the same, in whatever culture, remove the dogma and indoctrination and you realize that we are all the same, one big human family living in a beautiful, albeit fragile, Earthly home.

Pablo has written three books in Spanish; one has been translated into English, Around the World in 10 Years: The Book of Independence, available at Kindle and Amazon.com. Download the first pages here!

Follow the latest adventures of the real Pablo and Anna on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @viajeros4x4x4

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