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Reviewed by Jeremy Edgar, for Overland Journal magazine

I had the pleasure of meeting Pablo and Anna at the 2011 Overland Expo, then of having them as guests in my home a week later. After five continents and eleven years on the road, they still have beaming smiles as if they were still on a “honey­moon”. En route they’ve published two books about their travels, and their decision to leave their formal lives in Spain for a bohemian life on the road –living out of an old Mitsubishi 4WD van that they have lovingly nicknamed La Cucaracha. These are the first Spanish books Overland Journal has featured and are worth learning the lan­guage to read. A quote near the beginning of both books tells all: “The only thing we knew about the future was that almost all countries were connected to each other by a road… May all the roads in the entire world begin at your front door.”

El Libro de la Independencia, details Pablo and Anna’s mild-to-wild drive through countries from Spain to Egypt. We learn about Pablo’s hilarious Aladdin-style pants he wore in Turkey, and enjoy his funny play-on-words for the police in Kurd­istan. Pablo spent the first 23 years of his life in Argentina. Having lived there for a year myself, I appreciated the Argentine sense of humor and attitude that comes through in his writing: everything from a comical commentary on the chosen mous­tache style of Arab men, to encounters with border guards and customs agents. This overland autobiography will leave you laughing aloud, inspiring you to get out and experience another part of the world –one that is well outside your comfort level. If learning Spanish is on your bucket list, then be sure to jot down these books on that list as well. (ISBN: 978-8461386789)

Historias en Asia y África, a quick read at just over 100 pages, is a backseat ride on a modern-day hippie-van trek from Europe to Southern Africa. It is interspersed with wonderful prose, at times bordering on poetry, into the wonders of humanity and culture, and the deep effects it has on one’s self. The reward to the reader is inspira­tion. It closes with: “For the first time in my life I know that it is possible to live life with an intensity that I never dreamt was possible.” (ISBN: 987-0520820)

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“The Book of Independence works its magic like a bellows on the embers of wanderlust, inspiring us to break away from the norm, to slow down and smell the proverbial roses… or cow or elephant dung. It’s not about what you’ll do after you retire, it’s about what you do before you die.”
Chris Collard, Chief Editor, Overland Journal Magazine


Pablo Rey (Buenos Aires) and Anna Callau (Barcelona) also known as #viajeros4x4x4, have been overlanding the world non stop since 2000 on a 4WD Delica van. They mastered the art of solving problems (breakdowns and police harassment, between them) in far away places, while enjoying their nomadic lifestyle.

They’ve been 3 years driving through Middle East and Africa, between Cairo and Cape Town; 7 years all around South America, and 7 years going to every corner of Central and North America. They crossed the Southern Atlantic Ocean in a fishing vessel, descended an Amazon river in a 6 log wooden raft, and walked with a swiss knife between elephants in wild Africa. On the last two years they started to travel by foot (Pyrenees mountains coast to coast, two months) and motorbike (Asia), with the smallest lugagge possible.

Pablo has written three books in Spanish (one translated in English), many articles to magazines like Overland Journal and Lonely Planet and both are in the short list of the most respected latino overlanders.

¿When will the journey end? It doesn’t end, the journey is life itself.

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