280- Security on the Road: Robberies and Weapons

The Ugandan panga, a machete with multiple uses

When someone points a Kalashnikov at you on a lost track in Kenya you will be able to understand everything they say – even if they speak Kiswahili, Aramaic, or in the language of Mordor.

Overland Journal Editor’s ‘Must Read’ Choice: The Book of Independence

La Vuelta al Mundo en 10 Años - @viajeros4x4x4

I’m about two-thirds of the way through The Book of Independence, but I can tell you I was hooked after page one. Pablo’s observations of the human race are exhaustive, his attention to detail and the nuances of his surroundings exceptional. Few writers can immerse my senses of sight and smell as well as this talented wordsmith.

238- Inspiration

The future is in the road. Around the world in 10 Years. Overland.

“In a world where sooner or later we will die, the most important asset should be time, not money…”